Xml Reader


Pheeder  v.0.6.3

Pheeder is an extensible Macintosh desktop news and XML reader.

Geode XML Editor  v.2 2

XML Editor allows you to create new XML files as well as edit and view existing XML files using a convenient. It has a Graphical User Interface. The tool provides a range of features in an intuitive environment.


RssReader  v. Beta RC3

This free RSS reader collects news in the background at user configurable intervals and warns them with a popup in the system tray indicating that a new message has arrived.

SE|PY ActionScript Editor  v.

SE|PY ActionScript Editor is a powerful yet easy to use application that allows you to edit Macromedia Flash files.

Chef XML Full CSS_HTML Content Reader Widget  v.1

The Chef XML Full CSS/HTML Content Reader Widget is a complete solution to display your content in a full css/html formatting manner on your website or integrate it in your application.

XML news Reader  v.1

News Reader Features XML Based with date, small text, long text, author, category vertical mous news menu scroller vertical mc scroller for news you can add unlimeted news you can use HTML & CSS Formating

Advanced News Reader - XML Resizable  v.1

FEATURES: XML driven resizable scroller; No Flash knowledge required for setting up this component.

Coolest News Reader XML Resizable  v.1

A great News Reader with smooth scroll and drop down with shadow.

UAD Reader  v.1.100.00301

With UAD Reader, your clients will also be able to open your UAD-compliant MISMO 2.6 XML files in the familiar appraisal format, with field-by-field guidelines and explanations of the new abbreviations.

K-SOL Project Reader  v.4 2

Project Reader can show the projects created with Microsoft Project and stored in MPP format, XML format or in the database format.

3D Carousel RSS Reader  v.1

3D Carousel RSS Reader is a highly customizable XML driven flash news reader developed using the Away3D Lite Engine.

BROTweet Browse Twitter Reader Light  v.1.0

BROTweet Dynamic Twitter Reader is a XML driven flash widget that reads your Twitter account and display your tweets.

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